Cupido Philander
I believe in God and confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD OF ALL AND KING OF KINGS. I believe that one day I will be debt free and will live the life GOD intended. I believe that some one will publish our poems and that I will own my own bussiness. I am a dreamer and my desire is to have my own studio, like Timberland, to produce local talents to combat bad habits, like drugs and alcohol and drug abuse. Dreaming of having my own Security Training School.
My dream was always to start a community center that will create jobs, and bring discipline back into schools and homes. To join our family, here is our mission and vision. Forasmuch as ye are manifestly declared to be the epistle of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God; not in tables of stone, but in fleshly tables of the heart. 2 Corinthians 3 verse 3. We as people of Robertson is known as the people of the Valley.In the Spirit we are one, and that why we sing that song this little light of mine I'm going to let it shines. Let it shines, Let it shines, Let it shines.We as the community alongside Route 62 must come together as one, and let our spirit of togethernesss, positivelly influence this nation globally. Mission: To promote a healthy and happy society by providing Projects in Spiritual and Job Creation & Support to the Youth & Children as well as Families. To reach out to the poor and vulnerable in order to restore their Sense of Hope and make them Proud members of Society. Vision: People making a difference in the lives of vulnerable families and children in need of self worth, Job Creation and Spiritual Health & Care. ROBERTSON COMMUNITY CENTRE This Robertson Community Centre will inspire the community of Robertson as well as the surrounding areas in the Langeberg area. We want each and every citizen of our town to be proud of Robertson, as people and be happy what we or other’s achieve. We want to run sustainable projects for our community, especially for our kids and youth. We as a faith base organization will make use of all denominations available with our local businesses, Farmer’s associations and local authorities like the SAPS, and Correctional Services and Educational Department and the Local Robertson Tourism Office. Who will help us drive each and every projects as effect and target driven to inspire and influence those around us. Our studies have shown that if someone has no job or a dream, the community dies. Robertson, who was nominated as the best and most beautiful town, must start to invest seriously into his own people. The people are our greatest assets, and we need to inspire them. We will invest, care and let the dreams of our kids and youth becomes a reality. Various projects like, TIK(Tieners Is Kampioene) “Wenners Aand “, Talents Against Crime and Drill (Discipline, Respect, Inspire, Loyalty, Leader)must get funding in order to keep our dreams alive. Since 1994 we struggle to get funding from sponsors and government or municipal support, and still the politicians asks what is wrong with our communities? The Robertson Community Centre will be there to keep the community crime free, proud and loyal. We want each and every community member to participate in one or two projects to keep our mission and vision alive. We want the community of Robertson to be part of the centre. The Community Centre is aimed at reaching out and setting a program to reach people like families with the need Spiritual Assistance and upliftment; Seeking relevant jobs, and training programmes for the unemployed regardless race, colour or denomination or political affiliation. The candidate will be assessed by our pre-assessment team to determine the need and to what extent assistance should be given. This will be presented to the various church leaders, businesses, or relevant NGO’S, where a final decision will be made after reviewing of the assessment, who and how this person will be assisted, or which other assistance, like medical or financial aid is needed. The Robertson Community Centre requires that all sponsors or members as well as employees abide by a conflict of interest policy that encourages high standards of ethics and integrity, complimented by sacrifice and commitment. We will strive to ensure that all fundraising efforts clearly portray the purpose of the centre, raised and that all contributions received are used for the specific purpose unless otherwise decided by the trustees. We will commit to the layout of an audited financial statement as an attestation letter provided by an auditor that attest to the compensation of the founders and trustees of the trust annually. CEO & Founder: Cupido Philander Aims and Objectives To assist the community members with spiritual support who needed it. To coordinate the provision of transport services to our events who are unable to travel or afford to get to and from the specific destination. To access counselling services and resources to help with emotional and psychological difficulties. To do fundraising with our community and various role-players to pay for all our special events for them, e.g. the annual gala event “Wenners Aand” To restore hope for the less fortunate of our society especially for children whose lives depend on governmental Aid or poor farm workers, who are unable to afford the expenses. To network with the various Departments, like the Educational Department, Farmers, Tourism Department, Municipality, Schools, Businesses, and the Local Churches.   THE ROBERTSON COMMUNITY CENTRE BELIEVES THAT JESUS IS THE ANSWER TO OUR PROBLEMS.JUST IN ROBERTSON ALONE,4 WOMAN THIS YEAR WAS MURDERED.DRUG ABUSE AND GANGSTERISM IN THE INCREASE.OUR PROJECT IS CALLED"HIERSTAAN ONS NOU SAAM IN JESUS SE NAAM"PLEASE DONATE OR BECOME A PROUD SPONSOR FOR OUR INITIATIVE. HERE IS OUR BANKING DETAILS FOR YOUR PERUSAL. BANK NAME:NEDBANK ACCOUNT NUMBER:1018774033 BRANCH CODE:122110 ACCOUNT NAME:ROBERTSON COMMUNITY CENTRE   GOD WILL BLESS YOU,AND KEEP YOU.SHALOM
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