New App Makes Photos Smurfier (Sponsored)

Add the Smurfs to your family photographs and make your world a little Smurfier. Sponsored by “The Smurfs 2.”

2013-07-15 12:09:33.38585-04
2013-07-15 12:09:33.38585-04

Written by Kathleen Miller

Take the Smurfs on a new adventure with your family this summer and add a little Smurfiness to your world!

Now you can “Smurf yourself” by adding the loveable blue creatures to photos of your family’s adventures around town. Just go to www.smurfhappens.com and follow the steps for a fun way to share your adventure with Papa, Smurfette, and Grouchy. Or, go to "The Smurfs 2" Facebook page and smurf your photos. 

Imagine how memorable your photos will be when you add Vanity to pictures of your family reunion, theme park visit or trip to the beach. And the app allows you to save your “Smurf enhanced” photos and upload them electronically or print them out, so you can share your adventures with the Smurfs with all your family and friends!

The Smurfs 2,” featuring the talents of Neil Patrick Harris, Hank  Azaria, Jayma Mays and Katy Perry, is a live action-animation hybrid film that guarantees fun for the whole family. Watch as the evil wizard Gargamel creates a couple of mischievous Smurf-like creatures called the Naughties, kidnaps Smurfette and brings her to Paris. Then it’s up to Papa, Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity to return to our time, reunite with their human friends Patrick and Grace Winslow, and rescue Smurfette! You and your kids can play games with the Smurfs and learn more about the movie here.


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