Made in Campbell: Edna's Success Has a Range of Locally Baked Treats, Including Wheat Free or for Vegans

'Life's too short for bad cookies," says owner Mary Posey. She makes cookies, cakes and pies...oh my!...from Campbell to all over the Bay.

Edna's Success makes cakes in Campbell
Edna's Success makes cakes in Campbell
Doesn't it just figure. A woman who has a successful bakery and loves treats gets a wheat allergy and can't eat wheat. 

But it didn't stop Mary Posey from making a range of baked goods so good people don't even know the ones that are wheat free are wheat free. Her Edna's Success bakery is a big success in Campbell, distributing all over and selling over the counter at the farmer's market.

She found out she had the disease after doing a triathlon in Arizona in 2007, when she passed out and had to be hospitalized. But that didn't stop her from being a success, like her great grandmother Edna.

Mary and her family run their bakery on Dillon Street in Campbell, but they sell at the Farmer's Market, in stores and online. One of her big clients is Google. Yes, they Googled her and found her great reviews on Yelp. Sadly, she's contracted not to share pictures of the cakes she's baked them. They are private that way. 

She, husband David and sons, Brian, 23 and Erik, 20, crank out thousands of cookies a day, as well as cakes, cupcakes and holiday treats, such as Yule Logs from the Campbell location they've used for four years. They were in Mountain View before that.

The bakery's name is a tribute to her great grandmother who fought adversity and had a successful, one-table restaurant in Montana. Check the video.

"I love to cook, and my mom was a scratch cook for everything including bread and desserts,"says Mary Posey.  "She even made yogurt when I was a kid.  My cookies at holiday time were always a hit and when I started to hand more and more cookies and goodies to friends I was told I needed to start a business.  One thing led to another.

"I also used to be over 200 lbs. When I started to lose the weight, treats became really important to me.  Nothing made me more upset than saving the calories for a well deserved dessert only to have it turn out bad!  I don;t make giant cookies, I make cookies that are really good, and don't break the calorie bank.  Our motto soon became, Life's too short for bad cookies.

"Today I apply the same motto to my gluten free products.  They have to be as good or better than the regular versions." 

Check the cake pics!

Her menu includes: 


Cashew cookies, has whole cashews with frosting on it, our signature cookie

Chocolate chip

Mint double chocolate

Oatmeal Raisin, and Oatmeal butterscotch

Ginger cookies


Pecan crisps

Gluten Free

Macaroons, (Traditional, Chocolate, Chocolate chip, apricot, cherry)

Peanut butter chocolate chip

Fudge cookie

Oatmeal apple

Oatmeal cranberry white chocolate chip (holiday only)

Vegan brownies

Whoopie pies, chocolate and pumpkin $4.00 each.

Here are more details:

Our most popular cakes and cupcakes are the Guinness Chocolate, lemon and red velvet.  We also make a terrific chocolate and vanilla cake that comes with assorted fillings.  I also make an oatmeal cake that has a cult following.  The cakes can be decorated with holiday themes.  Call for pricing.

The specialty cakes we offer can be made gluten free, dairy free, nut free and soy free.  The most popular flavors are, vanilla, chocolate, root beer chocolate, red velvet(not dairy free) and hummingbird.

For the holidays we have our cookie platters that can hold 1 or 2 dozen cookies.  They come with a reusable platter and wrapped for gift giving.  They are $18.00 for 1 dozen and $32.00 for 2 dozen.  We can put up to 4 different varieties on the plate.

We also make a wonderful Yule Log.  They are chocolate cake with either a chocolate or vanilla butter cream, with a raspberry filling.  Yule logs can feed up to 20 people and are $65.00.  Folks can also order these vegan if that is a requirement.

Our cookies sell at the Campbell farmers market for $7.00 half dozen and $12.00 a dozen.  We are also in 35 stores in the bay area.  The ones in the\is area are, Zanottos (Willow Glen and Naglee), Scott's Valley Market, New Leaf ( all the stores in Santa Cruz and Silver Creek) Whole Foods in Campbell, Cupertino and Blossom Hill.  Each store has their own retail price between $7.00 to $8.00 a half dozen.

Order can be placed by calling me at 650 793-3891 or e-mailing mary@ednassuccess.com.  Orders can be picked up here, we do offer delivery for a charge, or at the Campbell farmers market 9-1 on Sundays.

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