Part 2 - Are You Ready for Summer? Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Summer

Part 2 - Tips On Keeping Your Pet Cool in the Summer

Part 2

Patch Blog Tips For Keeping Your Pet Cool

General Tips

For many dogs, a summer hair cut can relieve heat stress. A good groomer can clip your dog's coat to a comfortable few inches so they can more easily dissipate the heat. Do not have your dog shaved down to the skin as this eliminates the natural protection of the hair coat and predisposes your pet to sunburn and other injury. 

Another option is groom your pet at home. If you choose to go this route be sure to have the right tools on hand. Try 1. Millers Forge Vista Cat Brush or 2. FURminator Pet Brush. Another option is the 3. Andis Cordless Pet Trimmer. Designed to for general trimming and light touch-ups.

Try to avoid having your pet stand on the hot pavements for long.

Never leave your pet unattended in a parked car. Even with the windows open, temperatures quickly rise to lethal levels.

Like humans, it's best to exercise in the cooler morning and evening hours. Do not exercise your pet immediately before or after feeding, particularly in hot, humid weather.

Be extra sensitive to older and overweight animals in hot weather. That also goes for those more susceptible to heart and respiratory problems.

Unlike humans, dogs and cats do not regulate their body temperature by sweating. So keep an eye on your pet for any signs of possible heatstroke, such as twitching, rapid panting, barking or a wild "staring" expression. Pour water on him every three to five minutes and then place him in a draft or under a fan. (Do not immerse your pet in water or use ice packs to counteract heatstroke.) Call your Veterinarian immediately.

At Home Tips

If you have a pet that enjoys water, keeping a small pool of water outside provides a fun and cooling environment. Be sure there is just enough water to play in the water depth should not come over your pet's head. If a pool is not available, a spray from a hose will help. To get your pet used to the hose, start by trickling a small amount of water on the feet and gently move up until your pet gets used to the water. Never blast water at a pet that is not used to the hose.

Magical long-lasting bubbles scented with catnip are the purr-fect interactive toy for kids of all ages and their cats. Bubbles will stay for hours. Fully safety tested to industry standards. Comes with a wand and fun shaped bottle for hours of fun.

When you leave your pet home for the day in extremely hot weather, leave your air conditioner on and provide your pet with plenty of water. A few ice cubes in your pet's dish can help keep the water cool. Want to provide a steady stream of fresh and cool water? Try the Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain.

Having the right bed can make staying in a treat. Beds such as the 1. Canine Cooler Bed2. Coolaroo Beds and 3. Cool Bed will keep your pet comfy, dry and cool. And when your pet is ready for a tasty snake have a 4. Kool Dogz ice treat ready to go!

A Day Out Tips

If you must take your pet with you, be sure to take plenty of drinking water with you and keep the air conditioning on. Try and keep your pet in a shaded spot in the car and consider not traveling during the heat of the day usually between the hours of 10am to 3pm. Don't forget to carry a portable bowl such as 1. Outward Hound’s Port-A-Bowl for to keep your pet hydrated. If you decide to take pet for a ride bring along a damp cloth or 2. Cool-it Bandana keep your pet cool. The unique bandana can absorb up to 30 times its weight and stays cool for hours.

When you're out and about with your pet make sure they are plenty hydrated. The Lixit Dog Travel Water Bowlprovides your pet with fresh water while preventing spills.

A day at the beach for your pet must include a shady spot to lie in, plenty of fresh water to drink and a hosing down after swimming in salt water. For a quick wash-up after the beach carry along disposable wipes. Try 1. DermaPet Malacetic Wet Wipe Dry Bath or 2. ChloraSeb Pledget Wipes (50 ct). When you finally make it home be sure to give your pet a proper bath to remove left over dirt.

Plan on taking your dog out for a swim? The use of the 1. Fido Float Swim Aid makes it safer and easier for your pooch to enjoy themselves around bodies of water. Don't forget to protect their eyes from harsh UV rays with 2. Dogglesprotective eyewear for dogs.

When out be sure to bring along your pet’s favorite toys. A 3. Squirt Ball provides hours of fun while keeping your pet cool on a hot day. Easy to refill and 100% refreshing for your pet. Also try the 4. Rita Ballby Otis and Claude. With a hallowed center, the ball is perfect for placing ice cubes in the middle.

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