Rising Authors: Madison Bankosh, Monroe Middle School

Campbell Union School District's Rising Young Authors series includes published works by 13 local students.

The ninth annual Campbell Union School District Rising Young Authors Series includes 13 students from throughout the district.

Madison Bankosh is the Monroe Middle School winner, with her book, An Unexpected Trip.

Campbell Patch asked seven questions of the middle school student and here is what she had to say.

Campbell Patch: Why do you like to write?

Madison Bankosh: I like to write because for me it is a way to focus on something besides your struggles and to be creative. Writing also expands my knowledge, vocabulary, and creativity. I also enjoy writing because it is fun!  

Patch: What do you like most to write about?

Madison: I mainly enjoy writing fiction, poems, and about my own experiences and adventures. I enjoy fiction because it seems I create my own fantasy world. Poems are also a favorite, especially when I can create rhyming ones. I enjoy writing about my crazy, fun life. I can take something real and serious and make it into my own descriptive, silly story.  

Patch: What are your favorite books?

Madison: I have many favorite books including, A Boy in Stirped Pajamas, The Series of Unfortunate Events , and The Prophecy of the Stones, and many others. All of these are ficition, which is the subject I find of most interesting.

Patch: Do you have a favorite character?

Madison: Out of all the books I have ever read, Elmer the Elephant is my favorite character. He is unique and by the end of the story he loves himself for the colorful elephant he is.  

Patch: Do you have a fovorite author?

Madison: My favorite author is Shel Silverstein. His poems are crazy, fun, and exciting. I have read most of his books and he inspires me to show my personality in my poems.  

Patch: What is your book about?

Madison: My book is about me substituting at my school for one day, then the class ends up in Egypt. It is a fun, adventurous story, and I encourage you to read it!  

Patch: Why is writing important to you?

Madison: Writing is important because it is a way to relax and show your feelings. It is also a way to make up different characters and write a stories as if they were happening to you at that very moment.

Excerpt of An Unexpected Trip is under photos to the right.

To read, vote on and purchase this book, visit this site.

The award ceremony takes place Nov. 9, 7:00 p.m. at Barnes & Noble in the Pruneyard.


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