Potatoes for Teachers

Westmont High School's PSTA say thank you to their teachers with a bit of Saint Patrick's Day flair.

Nothing says St. Patty's day like potatoes do. And nothing says thank you better than food.

's Parent Student Teacher Association thought the two would be a great way to show their appreciation to those that spend their lives helping educate and guide the local youth.

"We wanted to say thank you to our teachers for their dedication to their commitment to students, give them a break and show them that our class especially appreciates what they do for our students," says Susan Zucca, Westmont PSTA sophomor class organizer.

She, along with 15 to 20 other parents helped put on the second "Teacher Appreciation Day" this year for 90 teachers and staff to enjoy a break, relax and have some good grub.

"A lot of my sons’ teachers eat lunch in their classrooms," Zucca says. "They work from the minute they’re there til they leave. My son is an athlete and if he didn’t have the opportunity to see them at lunch or tutorial ... We just wanted to let them know that hey, we appreciate you giving up your lunches all the time for the kids."

Parents came in an prepared hot baked potatoes with all the fixings in honor of the Irish holiday.

Teachers and parents alike, decked out in green smiled and enjoyed a relaxed break in their days this morning.

"There's three different types, all pre-stuffed," Zucco says of the tasty meals. "And then they (teachers) can load them up and take off if they need to."

The event, of course could not have happened without the volunteer hours from so many parents. From the set up to the clean up, it was parents that made it all seem seamless.

"It’s really great," she says. " And it's not  just the moms. Everyone wants to do their part."


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