Parent Volunteers Make All the Difference

Campbell Union School District recognized 13 of its outstanding parent volunteers for doing what they do for their schools.

Many schools and districts in the state are all in a bad way due to budget cuts and the current economic outlook but one thing that helps them keep it together are parent voluneers.

"There are so many events, that because our parents volunteer our students are able to go on field trips, have assemblies, teachers are able to have additional supplies," says Marla Olszewski, Spokeswoman. "There are so many things our parent volunteers make possible from volunteering their hours, raising funds and a host of other things. We really do value what they contribute to our schools."

This month is Volunteer Appreciation month and Campbell Union School District is saying thank you to all those volunteers at its 12 school sites that contribute invaluable hours of service.

"We want to, the board wants to, publicly recognize these people that go above and beyond," Olszewski says. "Whether it’s helping in the classroom, or on the playground keeping them safe or helping to communicate important information. It’s important to let them know, on behalf of the students as well."

The school district has hundreds of volunteers, not only parents but also seniors and local service groups like the Kiwanis and Assistance League that give countless amount of hours every year.

On April 21, the district recognized 13 outstanding volunteers at a school board meeting with certificates.

“These volunteers are among the many outstanding people who work with teachers, support staff and administrators to make the school a safe and welcoming place to learn,” said Leah Read Governing Board president of the 7,500-student elementary school district in a release.


The School Volunteers of the Year are:



Steve Muller

Blackford Elementary School

Michelle Broback

Angie Warren

Alison French 

Michelle Barber and Faye Rotbert (partner volunteers)

Forest Hill Elementary School

Susan Rojas

Lynhaven Elementary School

Kathy Cheng

Marshall Lane Elementary School

Lisa Lanzavecchia

Monroe Middle School

Paula Mahaffey 

Mikiko Acks

Jennifer Cannell

Sherman Oaks Charter School
Linda Krenicky Village School


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