Local Business Gives to Sherman Oaks

Ohana Board Shop in San Jose donated $1,318 to Campbell Union School District's Sherman Oaks Elementary School.

’s last day of school was June 8. For the approximately 480 students at Sherman Oaks Community Charter School, the day was made memorable by one local business and their desire to give back to their community.

Ohana Board Shop, a skateboarding shop in San Jose owned by Campbell residents Anne Michelle and Arun Frances donated $1,318 to the local elementary school and, with the help of a newly redesigned school logo were able to outfit students with brand new school T-shirts and sweatshirts.

“Not only has this created higher morale among the school, but it's also created a stronger community on campus,” Frances says. “We are proud to be a part of CUSD, and we couldn't be happier to donate money back to this fabulous school.”

Frances was born and raised in Campbell and in 2005, she and her husband bought a house next door to her mother. She attended as a child and now, her children attend Discovery Charter School in the Moreland district

“We live and play in our city, so supporting Campbell in every way we can is something we are both passionate about,” she says.

Francis found out about the need for school shirts and sweatshirts from her neighbor, Juliet Tiffany-Morales. Morales is on the Campbell Union School District Board and has two children at Sherman Oaks. Frances offered up her assistance and her business’ vendor connections for schools shirts after Morales mentioned the school’s new logo.

“As business owners, we have the flexibility, means, and exposure to give back to our community in ways that other people can't," she says. "It's our obligation to support our community by volunteering, giving to those in need, and donating to local causes in order to continue strengthening our city and economy.

"It's been a pleasure, Sherman Oaks!"

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