Weekend workshop How to please men and Women From Head to toe with Kika and Scott Catamas

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HOW TO PLEASE A MAN & WOMAN from Head to Toe



Learn to be the best lover ever!

For new relationships OR long time partnerships. You are invited to join Kika and Scott in a safe and sacred space of loving presence. This class is about opening your heart, freeing yourself, and expanding your ecstasy and sexual energy. You will learn how to be fully in your sexual power.  You will also learn simple and clear communication techniques that will support you to manage your differences and have greater harmony in all parts of your relationship.

Saturday from 10 AM to 10 PM, including a TANTRIC PUJA RITUAL in the evening Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM

You must register on-line by July 17!! No walk-ins welcome on the day of the event!

Register by July 17th so we cam prepare class materials!

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Weekend Workshop With Kika and Scott

Learn to be the best lover ever! What we will cover in this workshop:
Presence: Learn how to be present with your partner and to amplify your presence
Energy: Learn how to amplify your sexual energy, transmute it into love and give this energy to your partner as healing touch.
Breath: Learn how to breathe with your partner to connect the two of you, and to amplify energy and presence. You can breath yourself to a full body orgasm!
Safety: Learn to create safety for both you and your partner so both of you can open and heal.
Awakening to Love: Learn to open a deeper awareness in both of you to share from your essential nature which is Bliss!
COMMUNICATION:  Emotional Intimacy is the greatest aphrodesiac, and essential to the long term health of your relationship.  Learn how to talk about the most intimate parts of your life, and HOW TO MANAGE YOUR DIFFERENCES with CARE, COMPASSION and CLARITY.
NEEDS and VALUES: Learn how to be honest about what you want in ways that are safe and clear
BALANCE: There are differences between all people, and you will learn how to resolve differences in a balanced and mutual way
COMMUNITY: Meet other couples that are working on their challenges and issues, and make new friends!
This workshop will teach you to cultivate self love and to extend that love and acceptance to every aspect of your life, to your beloved and all those around you and also to awaken both the Divine feminine and masculine within yourself.
Practical Note: This workshop will involve partner work and participants have the option to be partially nude, wearing bikinis or bedroom attire. Oil and mattresses will be provided. This class will be for no more than eight couples. You will work ONLY with your partner.
Principles we will be introducing in this workshop: •Learn how to let go of old energies that are holding you back, forgiving yourself and forgiving others, letting go of past relationships traumas and dilemmas.
• Learn Communication Tools that will allow you to manage differences and state your needs clearly and safely
• Rituals and Practices to clean your past and learn self-love, letting go of shame, self-blame, and guilt, those past traumas that are holding you back from love.
• Learn and understand that you deserve love, pleasure and happiness.
• Learn breathing techniques to enhance and awaken sexual energy.
• Learn how to have sexual energy flow fully throughout every cell in your body.
• Learn how to awaken your sexual energy and expand your orgasm time.
• Learn the Seven Adjustments that will bring harmony to your relationship, even when facing big challenges and differences
• Learn how to express your sexual desires and fantasies and how to LISTEN to your lovers' requests
•Learn ejaculation control
• Receive practical techniques to take home with you to enhance your sexual love life and spiritual well being.
• Learn that you have inside of you all that you need to be happy, fulfilled, and satisfied with your life.
TAKE HOME MATERIALS for all  that will support you to remember all that was offered by Scott and Kika
Pricing: This workshop will be $400 per couple. $250 for an single person. Please contact Kika so we can connect you with other singles in the class. Advanced registration is required. No one will be allowed to register later than one day in advance. No registration or payment will be accepted the day of the event.
Register Now:
Weekend Workshop with Scott and Kika


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