Easton Teachers Union Announces Rally

Scheduled for same day as special meeting to adopt school budget

The Easton Area Education Association has posed a challenge to the Easton Area School District.

The teachers union announced plans today to rally at 6pm on April 13 against the proposed two-year teacher salary freeze. The rally will be held in front of the Easton Area School District offices at 1801 Bushkill Drive, Forks Township. Union president Kevin Deely posted a YouTube video today announcing the rally.

The district has a $12.9 million gap in its 2011-2012 budget. District officials have said some 160 teachers could be laid off without the pay freeze.

"It's unfair to expect the teachers to carry the burden of this alone," said Deely in the video. "But we're willing to take the lion's share and more even though it's not our responsibility."

The rally has been scheduled on the same day that the school board will hold an all-day budget workshop followed by a special meeting at 6:30pm to adopt the proposed budget.

The rally will be moved to Easton Area High School should the special meeting location be changed from the district offices to the high school, according to a flier posted on the union's website.

Lauren Warner April 06, 2011 at 07:47 PM
What people fight more for their own raises than unionized teachers? So many count down the days until summer vacation and hope for inclement weather delays and closings so that they don't have to go to work. Unfortunately, these people command more attention than the teachers who happily stay after school to be there for the kids. Public jobs should not be immune to the troubles of the private sector... I have a great deal of respect for teachers. It's very difficult work, much like parenting. I worked as a substitute for a year. I have seen the parents who expect their children to be raised by public schools. I know several teachers and I see how hard they work. They touch so many lives and inspire students to go beyond what they know is possible. But when you're rallying because you want a guaranteed pay raise in the future, it can only mean that you're living beyond your means. Why should one be bailed out when so many are laid off, and why should his colleagues be laid off so that he can enjoy a raise in the future? I have a friend, an Easton teacher. One of his colleagues had the nerve to approach him and ask for his training and testing materials in the event that my friend would be laid off. Can you believe that? These self-serving adults are setting these examples for children. The children are the ones who suffer. Let's not forget that it is them who we are serving.


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