Campbell Band Festival Packs the House

The third annual Campbell Union School District Band Festival offers up a glimpse of the district's music program.

Some school districts may have gone silent with all the cuts to arts and music programs over the last several years but isn't one of them.

The third annual Campbell Union School District Band Festival filled the night with music played by more than 130 students from four schools. More than 200 people filed into 's Event Center to take in both classic and contemporary musical selections.

The event wasn't made up of just middle school students. The evening's guest conductor was 's Music Director Dan Naylor and the Westmont Jazz Ensemble also showcased its talents as well.

“This event gives the students a unique opportunity to meet and perform with their peers from other schools, to find out about being in a high school band, and to experience different styles of music direction,” said Debi Bodenheimer in a release. “The band teachers and students work hard to make this event possible.”

Three middle school music directors created the : Ari Brown--Monroe Middle School, Megan Sullivan-- and Mike Rawlinson--Rolling Hills Middle School. 

To offer donations or other support for instrumental music instruction in Campbell Union School District, please contact Debi Bodenheimer, Director of Curriculum and Instruction at dbodeneimer@campbellusd.org.


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