Bullis Charter School Files 'Anti-SLAPP' Suit

BCS contends Los Altos School District's action is a harassing maneuver.



Bullis Charter School Chairman Ken Moore announced to parents that the school had filed a 'Anti-SLAPP' motion, a maneuver in response to the Los Altos School district's earlier action seeking information about donations to the school and other information.

"This lawsuit was clearly filed in retaliation for BCS’s efforts to seek reasonably equivalent facilities," Moore wrote in a letter that went to parents late last week.  "The California Legislature has labeled such a harassing and retaliatory lawsuit a 'Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation,' or 'SLAPP' suit. SLAPP suits are intended to intimidate persons from continuing to exercise their constitutional rights of free speech and to petition the government."

The “Anti-SLAPP” motion, is a procedure that, if successful, "will terminate the District’s SLAPP suit," Moore wrote.

"Tied to Prop. 39 litigation, this would be a first for an anti-SLAPP," mused Ed Sklar, who is an Walnut Creek attorney who has advises and represents districts, including as counsel to the Santa Clara County office on charter matters from time to time. The maneuver was unusual, Sklar said, and he didn't think it would have much impact on litigation on Prop. 39 law in general.

Check back for updates to this artilce as Los Altos Patch continues to report it out.

Joan J. Strong December 10, 2012 at 06:38 PM
Ken's letter was distorted and inflammatory. * LASD is not asking for NEW information, rather it is asking BCS to provide information it ALREADY HAS (and BCS parent volunteers, Ron Haley, etc. already have). * Ken's letter implied that LASD is looking for new information about parents. That is wrong, and it is intentionally distorted and inflammatory. * This information is critical in LASD's defense of BCS suing the District for $1.3m. If BCS were not suing for legal fees, this information would not be necessary. * LASD is alleging BCS wrong-doing (which Ken's letter did not cover, of course). Insofar as the school is guilty of wrong-doing, it may not be partially or fully eligible for public facilities. * Thus Ken should have said, "LASD says we are doing wrong things, the penalty of which is curtailing their facilities offer; we are not doing those wrong things so we have nothing to worry about". Instead, he chose to distort the truth and inflame BCS parents. BCS parents are not getting all of the facts, only an inflammatory slice of the facts meant to whip them into a rage against our public schools. This is an awful development and a situation the charters school laws never intended. Ken's apparent intention is to create a cult-like army of BCS parents who want nothing more than to "bring LASD to its knees" as Ron Haley put it and bankrupt our school district. It's the opposite of "healing".
Joan J Yawn December 10, 2012 at 07:46 PM
LA politico ran this article a while ago: http://losaltospolitico.com/bcs-vs-lasd/lasd-vs-bcs-legal-discovery-or-onerous-harassment/ If the text is to be believed, it sure looks like Joan J Strong is the one who is distorted and inflammatory. Elle est l'agent provocateur...
L.A. Chung December 10, 2012 at 08:10 PM
During the meet-and-confer sessions held by Judge Lucas, the LASD requests were scaled back considerably so that information about donors or parents are not identifiable, as previously reported.
Los Altos resident December 10, 2012 at 11:16 PM
This is a gross misuse of an anti-SLAPP suit. Either the BCS lawyer is incompetent, or this is a joke.
jolie December 10, 2012 at 11:48 PM
Yawn - hopefully you do realize that the Politico is a one-woman blog and not a news source.


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