Friends Say Goodbye on Graduation Day

Campbell Union High School District schools are graduating tonight. Prospect High School is one of them.

Graduation is a time of closure as well as new beginnings. For Prospect High School students Diego Navarro and Jason Bradley who have been close friends since the sixth grade, graduation will also be a time of goodbyes.

The two met when Diego moved and changed schools. Initially scheduled to attend Hoover Middle School in San Jose, after the move he was enrolled in Castro Middle School.

"Jason was my first friend and now we’re graduating together," he says.

The two have an ease when around each other and Diego says he could be himself around Jason.

"He gets it," he says.

Campbell Patch caught up with the two graduating seniors to talk about their friendship, high school and the future.

Campbell Patch: How long have you two been friends? 

Diego Navarro and Jason Bradley: We have been good friends since the 6th grade, where we met in the school orchestra, bringing us to our 7th year of friendship.

Patch: What is it about Jason that makes it work between the two of you? 

Diego: His humorous, shining personality makes me smile.

Patch: What teacher made an impact on you? 

Diego and Jason: We did not have the pleasure of having a teacher make an impact on us, however, the faculty and staff had a major role on impacting us through the 4 years we where there. One of the most influential people that comes to mind is Mr. Leeburn.

Patch: What did you learn about yourself in the last four years? 

Diego and Jason: Well ... we have both learned a lot about ourselves and each other. No matter what hardships we face we will always stay good friends and we have the ability to use the environment and experiences we have had to be able to come out on top.

Patch: Who inspires you and why? 

Diego and Jason: We all overcame our personal and academic struggles and we are now able to graduate with our best friends.

Patch: What was your high moment? 

Diego and Jason: When we realized that we where able to graduate with our best friends

Patch: Low moment?

Diego and Jason: We have both been through some difficult times including depression, poor grades, and hard friendships but we made it through with the help of each other.

Patch: What college are you going to and is it your first choice? 

Diego and Jason: Jason is attending De Anza College and Diego will be attending Dominican University of California. 

Patch: What are you studying and what made you choose that? 

Diego and Jason: Jason is studying to become a Child Psychologist by double majoring in Child Development and Psychology. Jason has always been good with kids and wants to give back in a positive way.

Diego is studying to become a Nurse by receiving his B.S. in Nursing. Diego wants to impact people's lives with his profession. 

Patch: What will you miss most? 

Diego and Jason: We will both miss the constant comradery that was shared with our peers.

Patch:  What will you miss least? 

Diego and Jason: We will not miss the forced academia as opposed to the individual learning that will occur in college.

Patch: What are you looking forward to in regards to college? 

Diego and Jason: The new environment that will allow us to increase our social and academic individuality.

Patch: Will you two be going to the same college or will you part ways?

Diego and Jason: We will not be attending the same college. We will both part ways, but Dominican and De Anza are only approximately an hour and a half away.


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