Meet Your DNC Delegate: Evan Low

Evan was elected in a slate with five other delegates to represent Congressional District 18.

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Republicans and Democrats will hold their national conventions over the next couple of weeks. The GOP will take center stage next week as the Republican National Convention is held in Tampa. Democrats will converge on Charlotte the following week.

We sought information from both the local GOP and democratic delegates to each conventions and have received a response from Evan Low, who's headed to the democratic convention.

Campbell Patch: How does a person become a delegate?

Evan Low: Any registered Democrat can run to become a delegate. Elections occur every four years and elections are by congressional district. You can also become appointed as a delegate by the party leadership. 

Patch: Are we going to see you on TV in a funny hat?

Low: Not necessarily with a funny hat, but definitely pumped with excitement. We are making history yet again!

Patch: Do you feel that your presence at the convention will make an impact? How so?

Low: President Obama will officially accept the nomination of the Democratic Party. The convention is part of the Democratic process. Delegates and attendees will be helping to shape the party and at the same time show the world what President Obama continues to be committed to. 

Patch: These days a lot of people are disenchanted with the two major parties. What makes you proud of your party?

Low: The Democratic Party stands up for the rights and beliefs of everyone and in particular, those without a voice. 

Patch: Do you know other delegates going, or are you about to join thousands of strangers on the convention floor?

Low: I know a only a few, but will be excited to meet fellow Democrats from all over! 

Patch: What are you looking forward to most at the convention?

Low: Listening to the speakers and exchanging ideas with fellow Democrats who come from various parts of the country. 

Patch: What would you want your neighbors to know about the convention?

Low: The convention and the make up of the party delegates help to shape our political system. I hope more people will be engaged and interested in the process. 

Patch: What is it like being a high profile Democrat in Campbell?

Low: As an elected official in the City of Campbell, I advocate for the interests of all people.  We do not have Republican street signs or Democratic potholes. I am proud and honored to represent all of the people of Campbell. 

Patch: If Obama asked you what issues really matter in Campbell, what would you say?

Low: Infrastructure and the economy. 

Patch: What do you wish people in your town knew more about Obama?

Low: That the President truly is fighting for the best interests of all Americans and was dealt a challenging task of addressing big items of terrorism, the economy, and health care. We might disagree with him on a few issues, but overall, he's done a great job.

Patch: What is the most surprising thing that you've seen or heard about the convention?

Low: The amount of time and planning it goes to put on a convention. 

Patch: We're going to kick off our elections coverage in earnest once the conventions are over. What does Patch need to cover in Campbell to get neighbors participating in this election?

Low: Local, Regional and State issues.  All politics is local. 


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