Mayorship Changes Hands

Campbell's City Council will vote on a new Mayor, Vice Mayor Dec. 6.

On Tuesday, Campbell will get a new mayor.  

Every year, in the month of December the city council discusses and then votes for the city’s next mayor during its regular city council meeting. In 2010, Jason Baker was as the Orchard City’s mayor.

“People do not directly vote for the mayor,” said . “It is informal practice for the council to rotate the mayorship.”

In Campbell, the public only votes in the city council members. Then, the council votes on who will be the mayor. The term for mayor is one year, ending and starting in December.

Council members serve a four-year term, with a two-consecutive-term limit. Both Kotowski’s and Baker’s terms will be up November 2012. Councilmen Evan Low's, Rich Waterman's and Jeff Cristina's terms all expire November 2014.

According to Bito, the mayor’s role is a ceremonial one, with that individual serving as the face of the council and attending ribbon cuttings, events and ceremonies.

“In terms of legislative weight and power, all five council members are equal,” Bito said.

Along with the voting in of a new mayor, the council will also vote in a new vice mayor, an important decision, he said.

“That vice mayor really has to be ready to take on the job when the mayor is not available,” Bito said.

The voting and swearing in of the next Campbell Mayor and Vice Mayor will take place Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 7:30 p.m. at Campbell City Hall, Council Chambers.


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