Diane Terra Gordon, Candidate for Campbell Union High School District Board of Trustees

Gordon is vying for another term.

General Information

Name : Diane Terra Gordon
Age : 51
Place of residence : Los Gatos, CA



Attended college : Yes
College : San Jose State University
Degree : Bachelor of Science/ Business Administration
Year of graduation : Dec-83

Grad school

Employment Information

Job titles held : Assistant Vice President/ Executive General Adjuster
Employers : Mclarens Young International

Political Information

Running for a: Local office
Running for position: Campbell Union High School District Board of Trustees
Incumbent: Yes
First elected: 02 November 2004
Previous elective offices : NA
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices: NA

Party HQ

Address 16220 Camino Del Sol
Los Gatos

Campaign Manager

Name : Chris Gordon


Other facts

I remain committed to work on behalf of our students,our staff and our community.

Diane T Gordon November 02, 2012 at 11:37 PM
There is no intention to sell Blackford. We hope to continue to lease it to Harker.
Diane T Gordon November 02, 2012 at 11:39 PM
The solar arrays operate at 96% efficiency as installed. We had to give up a little efficiency to make sure that we didnt lose to many parking spaces. We lost a number of spaces where the performing arts center used to be and had to make sure we had enough parking to serve the site.
Diane T Gordon November 02, 2012 at 11:44 PM
I will bring your comments to the District office. It is my expectation that we should hold ourselves to the highest standards. Just a comment on the technology. We just installed a state of the art Citrix platform for our technology needs. We held of replacing desk tops etc. until we completed the Citrix installation so that we made sure the desk tops etc. can take advantage of all that Citrix brings. We have a five year technology plan to continue to update technology. This will be done with input from the district technology advisory.
Diane T Gordon November 02, 2012 at 11:52 PM
What you describe concerns me greatly and I thank you for taking the time to voice your concern. Might I ask what school this is. I will ask that all sites review their parking lots however it would be helpful to know which one this is so we can address the issues. Sounds like we need to be in the parking lots before and after school to see what is going on. As a person responsible for student safety and an insurance professional I do not take this lightly. It is a great idea to post the traffic flow and rules on the websites. If we are not doing so already I will advocate that we do.
Diane T Gordon November 03, 2012 at 12:10 AM
I can assure you that there were many years of discussion and thought before we decided on the performing arts buildings. It is true they are too small for some programs but the drama departments love the fact that they can have a number of performances and still sell them out. As we have a very diverse community equity is always a great concern. A school with a large choir would argue they should have a larger facility and a school with a smaller choir could argue if we had a larger facility we could build a bigger program. The decision was made to build five state of the art centers one at each site. We built what we could afford. They may not fill all needs but fill most of the needs and are far better then the cafetoriums. Regarding Camden, I agree with your comments. Keep in mind the people on this Board were not the ones who decided to sell Camden. The sale did result in many lost opportunities. That is why this Board is committed to keeping Blackford. Our facilities are in great demand at each site and more facilities would have been a great asset.


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