County Ballot Measures Guide: What Campbell Voters Need to Know

Measure A. Measure B. Two little measures with big implications in Santa Clara County. Here's all the information you need to know.


Voters in Campbell have two measures to consider Nov. 6.

Measures A and B are county-wide measures.

Measure A – One-Eighth Cent Tax. Placed on the ballot by the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors to fill the severe gap of state funding cuts, the proposal would raise sales tax by one-eighth percent to help pay for emergency room and trauma care, law enforcement, health coverage for low-income children, among other services. The current tax rate is 8.375 percent. A ‘yes’ vote would raise it by an eighth of a penny, or 0.125, meaning we would then pay 8.5 percent tax.

Measure B – Clean, Safe Water and Natural Flood Protection Program. Placed on the ballot by the Santa Clara Valley Water District, this measure would extend for another 15 years the parcel tax that voters approved in 2000 for infrastructural work, that ends in 2016. The new program would pay to repair dams, protect creeks and provide flood protection. If you didn’t mind paying the parcel tax, which can range from in cost from unimproved lots to those that are commercial-industrial, a "yes" vote would continue this parcel tax for you. Single family homes pay an average of $56, but depending on which of the five categories your property is, the tax rate would be higher or lower. If you do, a "no" vote would reject this parcel tax and the district would likely go back and work on a new proposal before the expiration of the old tax.


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Patch News and Opinion Articles About Measure B

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Measure A

Measure B


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