Community Supports Kotowski and Baker’s Reelection Announcement

City Council incumbents Mike Kotowski and Jason Baker were joined by Campbell residents for their announcement for reelection serving on the City Council.

Mayor Mike Kotowski and Councilman Jason Baker announced their intentions to seek reelection for another term on the City Council.

On a sunny Friday morning Campbell residents gathered on the in support of the current council members’ reelection. From new to longtime residents, community members picked the brains of the council members on city issues and changes in the coming term.

“What we’re trying to do over the next four years is have a very efficient system,” said Kotowski.

Kotowski said that they represent the spread of families and seniors that live in Campbell, having both raised their kids in the community.

In the coming term Kotowksi would like to reintroduce the Youth Advisory Commission. The commission was started in 1973 by Rusty Hammer who was the youngest mayor at the age of 21, but it has not been active for some years now.

“If we can do a youth commission, it would be called ‘The Rusty Hammer Youth Commission,’” said Kotowski.

A hot-button issue that needs to be addressed in the coming term is finances, said Kotowski. He said he is not afraid to go to Sacramento and let them know about Campbell’s economic needs.

During his time with the City Council, Kotowski has pushed for green issues. He hopes to introduce the first green street in Campbell on Hacienda Avenue, which wouldn’t require irrigation but rather would use a filtering system.

Other than Kotowski and Baker, Heather James is the only other person who has taken out the candidate papers, according to the City Clerk’s office.

Nominations for the two city councilmember positions close Friday, August 10. The candidates are running for a term lasting from November 2012 to November 2016. Elections will be held November 6.

To read about Kotowski and Baker’s backgrounds, . 


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