Campbell Veterans Memorial Moving Forward

Phase 1 was approved by city council and will include six components and cost $140,000.

Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation are moving along with the building of the Orchard City's veterans memorial.

Although it is not going to meet its goal of opening up in time for Nov. 11, 2011, it will, however still be celebrating that day.

The Campbell City Council approved the construction of the project's phase 1 late last month and the foundation plans on celebrating its completion on Nov. 11.

Phase 1 would consist of six major components:

  • A single entry pathway that would be ADA compliant, starting from the 9/11 memorial and leading to the veterans memorial site.
  • Relocation of the temporary sign announcing the location of the new memorial.
  • The six flags of service representing the various arms of the military as well as a seventh to be located in the middle of the six, with the American flag and the Missing in Action/Prisoners of War flag.
  • The Memorial Plaza is the major element of Phase 1.
  • Tree removals
  • Infrastructure

The is designated beside City Hall in downtown Campbell. The memorial will include a plaza area, a fountain surrounded by U.S. Military service flags, a time line wall of major U.S. conflicts and a larger wall that will encompass an existing olive tree called "The Tree of Peace."

The area surrounding the Tree of Peace is designed to create a contemplative area to reflect on the lives of individuals who have sacrificed their lives in the conflicts over the years.

The memorial will also have an elaborate water system built in to the historical conflict wall, said Bill Gould, the memorial's architect. "At points in the time line where people have lost life," Gould said, "water will come down from the trough and stain the face of the wall. It will visually track when people have given their life in service."

The project is costing the foundation about $650,000, which it has been raising by and offering up memorial bricks to be included in the project at $125 each. Phase 1 on its own will cost about $140,000, said Jim Free, Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation President.

For more information or to purchase a brick, visit the Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation website.

Daniel Gamberg contributed to this article


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