Campbell Gets New Mayor and Vice Mayor

Rich Waterman and Jeff Cristina were appointed to the city's top political jobs Tuesday night in an emotional celebration.

New Campbell Mayor Rich Waterman.
New Campbell Mayor Rich Waterman.
Campbell's newest politicians were appointed to its top spots Tuesday in an emotional ceremony.

"I didn't expect to choke up," said Jeff Cristina, who gave a tearful speech honoring his grandmother in the audience in accepting his new position as vice mayor.

He and new Mayor Rich Waterman were elected in 2010. Waterman, a CPA, was approached to run for the job by then Councilman Evan Low. A 20-year Campbell resident, his background in finance was thought to be invaluable on the council.
Campbell picks its chief officers by how many votes they have gotten and by those who haven't yet served in the top offices.

Cristina is a property manager and former manager at a recycling business.

Low, who stepped down as Mayor, had his father, optometrist Arthur Low lead the Pledge of Allegiance on his last day in office, an important message of father-son bonding, Low said. He also jokingly declared himself an "Asian failure" because he wasn't a doctor or lawyer. 

The outgoing mayor talked about the way that Campbell representatives got along outside the council chambers, even when they disagreed on issues, unlike what goes on in Washington. He also shared the bright news that the city was showing a surplus this year, an S word he wasn't sure he knew. The city, like many, had long been in a deficit.

Councilman Michael Kotowski talked about how the city was represented by officials of all ages, ranging from 30s to 70s. 

See their speeches in the videos above.


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