Campbell Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance Adjusted to Meet Federal Standards

Ordinance saw three amendments at June 12 Campbell Planning Commission. None affect homeowners.

The only item on Tuesday's Campbell Planning Commission agenda dealt with the city's flood damage prevention ordinance.

Certain parts of the Orchard City are identified by Federal Emergency Management Agency maps as part of their Flood Management Program. The purpose behind this program is to minimize damage to public and private buildings through requirements for new developments.

FEMA representatives met with Campbell staff on March 15.

According to Interim Community Development Director Paul Kermoyan, the three amendments in questions are as a result to changes in the federal government's regulations earlier this year.

"The federal government monitors local governments ordinances," Kermoyan said. "These ordinances have been created pursuant to standards and regulations. If ours doesn’t comply, they will suggest that we update the ordinance to current standards. We took their suggestions verbatim and included them into the draft ordinance."

The three changes include a violations section that Kermoyan said states "if someone on their own accord develops within the current ordinance, they would be subject to violations," clarification made on the base elevations to include the words “review” and “development,” and a variance section.

"This means that a local government may allow exceptions to federal standards as long as provisions are met," Kermoyan said. "But it puts property on notice. You still may have to pay a higher premium."


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