Campbell First Ladies, Past Mayors Came Out to Celebrate

The city of Campbell is celebrating its 60th anniversary of incorporation and a group of Campbell stalwarts were recognized.

They stood there, lined up in the Campbell Council Chambers: former mayors, first ladies and the wives of two of the city's "most beloved police chiefs."

"These are the people that have made this city what it is today," says Mayor Mike Kotowski at the March 20 city council meeting.

John Ashworth, Barbara Conant, Matthew Dean, Robert Dougherty, Dan Furtado, Jane Kennedy, Darlene Burr (Don Burr's wife), Pamela Hammer (Rusty Hammer's wife), Charmaine Paul (Norman Paul’s wife) and Connie Morgan (John Morgan's wife) all helped lead the pledge of allegiance at the meeting celebrating the 60th birthday of the city of Campbell.


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