Campbell City Council Seats Uncontested

The city council will have to decide whether to go forward with an election or appoint the two incumbents.

Only two Campbell City Council candidates have submitted nomination papers for the two council seats—and .

That means the Campbell City Council must decide whether to hold an election at all or spend $51,000 for the election.

"The driving force is that $51,000 cost for election," said Campbell City Clerk Anne Bybee.

Both Campbell Councilman Jason Baker and Mayor Mike Kotowski are eligible to run for one more, four-year term under the city's term limits. If elected/appointed, their term will expire November 2016. Because there are only two filings for two open seats, the Campbell City Council will have to decide to either appoint the two incumbents or spend approximately $51,000 to hold an election, Bybee said.

The council will hold a special meeting on Aug. 21 to make that decision.

"I have served Campbell for four years as councilmember and Mayor," Baker said. "I am gratified and honored that it appears I will get the chance to serve for another term."

Campbell Mayor Mike Kotowski said there are two ways to look at this kind of election.

"First and foremost; the people of Campbell are satisfied with the condition(s) of their city and therefore choose not to challenge the incumbents (Jason and myself)," Kotowski said. "And second, this assumes that the citizens do not want the city incur the cost of the election, which will exceed $50,000 if Campbell places names, measures or propositions on the ballot at a time that we need to keep a steady hand on the budget.

"Changing leadership in the middle of these times may do more harm than good," he said.  

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