After Five Years, Cambrian 36 Officially Becomes Part of Campbell

Campbell agrees to annex Cambrian 36 from the city of San Jose and residents weigh in on facebook.

It was a cathartic Campbell City Council meeting last night. After to be , , a parcel of unincorporated Santa Clara County with a Campbell address, was officially welcomed into the Orchard City.

"Cambrian 36 has been on a long journey and it’s time to come home," said Mike Krisman, President of the Campbell Village Neighborhood Association.

The group of tenacious residents fought being annexed by the city of San Jose and won.

The room was all smiles as residents came up, one by one to thank Campbell for its support.

"I am proud to say that I was born and raised in Campbell, in Cambrian 36," said Lisa Harmer. "On behalf of my neighbors, I want to thank you. We look forward to our futures as full citizens of Campbell. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to Parcel 36."

With emotion in his voice, Councilman Evan Low made the final motion to end the five-year, uphill battle of a group of active citizens.

"It gives me great pleasure to recommend to adopt the resolution," said Councilman Evan Low.

Here are the details of this resolution:

  • Campbell will be paying a guaranteed base sum of $199,000 for five years.
  • If at any point between the five year calculation point does the hotel at 1300 Camden Ave. or the gas station at 1370 Camden Ave. cease to operate or otherwise stop generating tax revenue, a revised calculation will be performed no later than the end of the fiscal year and an adjustment to the base payment will be made.
  • If any new business opens up after the fact and generates more than $50,000 in tax revenue, a revision to the base payment will be made.
  • Over a period of 40 years, the city of Campbell estimates it will perform at least two street maintenance to the area and will cost approximately $3.3 million. Because of this, the city will be entitled to a credit from the city of San Jose, starting in 2021 of $30,000 and increasing to $40,000 in 2031 and $50,00 in 2041.
  • The process to purchase Cambrian 36 will be final in 40 years.

The resolution to annex Cambrian 36 was passed unanimously.

Campbell Patch live blogged the night's activity via its facebook page and residents followed along.

Here is the feed from last night's meeting pertaining to Cambrian 36:

Campbell Patch Annexation of Cambrian 36 now being discussed, with about 2/3s of the crowd gone.

Campbell Patch ‎"Annexation includes 322 parcels, mostly residential and some commercial." Jesse Takahashi, Campbell Finance Director.

Campbell Patch ‎"What we feel in the long run, bigger types of costs, police, code enforcement, determine that we can accommodate that at a fiscal wash for the city." Takahashi.

Campbell Patch ‎"I am the president of Campbell Village Neighborhood Association and it feels really good to be here tonight. " Mike Krisman.

Campbell Patch ‎"Going forward, Campbell, for the last five years, we are forever grateful, especially with Councilmember Low. His leadership. He defines leadership and we’re here because of him. And mayor Baker, thank you for carrying that torch." Krisman.

Campbell Patch ‎"This is a no brainer. It's hard to believe. The power of individuals that unite toward a particular issue to find every last bit of hope." Evan Low.

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Campbell Patch ‎"The power of neighborhood associations." Low.

Campbell Patch ‎"Stand here to ask you pass this. Cambrian 36 has been on a long journey and it’s time to come home." Krisman.

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Campbell Patch ‎"This is what its all about. This is the issue. This cannot be done without all of your hard work. I really want to say that. There’s a great amount of distrust in government. If you work hard enough to educate individuals … In the end, we stayed above the fray. Demonstrate your commitment and that’s the type of Campbell residents we want in our community. " Low.

Campbell Patch ‎"Democracy works. Congratulations. Welcome home." Mayor Jason Baker.

Campbell Patch Motion to pass resolution to annex Cambrian 36 passes unanimously.

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Campbell Patch Whoo Hoos heard in the halls. =)


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