Would-Be Dasha Operator Facing Rape Charges

Ray Shafazand has been accused of sexual assault in his Los Gatos home.

Ray Shafazand, owner of Sabor and Myth Taverna in San Jose will appear in court this Thursday after being accused of rape.

Accoring to the Mercury News, Shafazand is accused of sexually assaulting a young woman in his Los Gatos home.

Shafazand had been in the Gaslighter Theater but that would have allowed the business to serve alcohol past midnight on Jan. 3.

The applicants had previously been denied the CUP by the Campbell Planning Commission on Oct. 25 due to which prohibits downtown businesses from serving alcohol past midnight.

Ed Sengstack February 14, 2012 at 07:16 PM
I am SO thankful that the representatives of our fair city... Planning Commission and City Council members... chose not to approve this guy's business proposal for the Gaslighter Theatre property! After substantial due diligence prior to the Jan. 3 appeal hearing, it was clear to many of us that this was not the kind of guy the city of Campbell should be doing business with... based primarily on his prior history with the city of San Jose. And now something far worse than any of his previously-questionable political or business practices is being alleged. In all fairness, the legal process needs to play out before any final judgment is made... but can you imaging the embarrassing position Campbell would be in now if his proposed business had been approved?! Kudos to our Campbell representatives for not putting us in a position to find out!!!


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