Suspects in Botched South Gate Burglary Escape

The incident happened on November 30 in Annetta Avenue.

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The South Gate Police Department (SGPD) has provided details to South Gate – Lynwood Patch Latino about the incident that took place at 9700 Annetta Avenue on the morning of November 30, 2012.

This was something that was brought to Patch’s attention by a reader via Facebook.

“We received a call that reported suspicious subjects getting ready to burglarize a house,” said Captain Keith Hupp of the SGPD. “When the officers arrived the suspects basically jumped over the fence and ran.”

The SGPD set up containment zone around the area and a helicopter was used to try and find the suspects. The latter were said to be running away through backyards on foot.

“When the officers checked the house they found that it didn’t get broken into,” said Capt. Hupp. “We didn’t have a confirmed burglary, but just a trespassing.”

The SGPD was close to sending a canine unit, but decided not to.

“Had the officers found evidence of a felony we probably would have sent a canine,” said Capt. Hupp.

The suspects were ultimately not apprehended and the SGPD stopped the search at around 11:00 a.m. The SGPD told Patch the incident serves as an example of how residents can help stop burglaries.

“They got away, but the burglary was prevented because we had a good Samaritan who saw what happened [and called],” concluded Capt. Hupp. “It was probably a crime in process.”

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DJ Hector December 09, 2012 at 07:12 PM
Regarding this story, there were NO helicopters used & there WAS a K-9 unit used. The problem with this situation is that the police took way too much time 'warning' the suspects with their recorded car speaker message & definitely WAY TOO LONG to bring out the K-9 from the squad car, didn't completely block off our streets (as this occurred directly in front of my house) from other cars entering our area, & did not ever bring in a helicopter to aid in the search. Had the sense of urgency been increased, the streets properly blocked from civilians coming through, the K-9 brought out much sooner, & a helicopter brought in to help with the search, I'm sure theses burglars would have been caught & MAYBE my personal property would have been returned to me (our house was broken into the week prior).


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