Suspected Carjacker, Killer of Campbell Woman in Court Monday

Paul Ray Castillo has been charged with kidnapping, carjacking and murder.

The alleged murderer of Campbell resident Cindy Nguyen will appear in court Monday for a plea hearing.

Paul Ray Castillo, with two prior convictions went on what was described as a on Sept. 16, 2011.

"Hasn’t entered a plea yet and I don’t expect them to enter a plea," said Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney James Leonard. "His attorney is still in the discovery phase. This case will most likely be put over at least another month."

Although the case is now in its seventh month, the lack of a plea is not unusual.

"The amount of discovery, the evidence and documentation ... We need to go through it all and the crime lab has all that evidence to process," Leonard said. "This is not unusual."

The following charges have been filed against Castillo:

  • murder;
  • personal use of a firearm;
  • allegation of committing murder during the course of a kidnapping;
  • allegation of committing murder during the course of a carjacking;
  • kidnapping during the course of a carjacking;
  • attempted second degree robbery;
  • assault of a peace officer;
  • second count of second degree robbery;
  • second degree burglary;
  • assault with a deadly weapon;
  • vehicle theft.

"Any one of these felonies would qualify as a third strike," Leonard said.

If convicted, Castillo can face life without parole. The decision to seek the death penalty, Leonard said, has not been made yet.

Paul Ray Castillo will appear at Santa Clara County Superior Court on April 16, 2:00 p.m. in department 23.

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