Oil Spill Closes Parts of E. Hamilton Avenue

Campbell Police worked quickly to contain and clean up an oil spill near Home Depot.

Campbell Patch received a news tip from a facebook reader, asking about some activity off of Hamilton.

"Do you know what the police action was at a couple hours ago? Gates closed wouldn't let anyone turn into the lot from Hamilton...."

Campbell Police Capt. Dave Carmichael said that officers responded to E. Hamilton Avenue yesterday at about 4:57 p.m. on a report of an oil spill in the road.

"Officers located a spill of some type of oil or slick fluid in the number three lane of east bound E. Hamilton Avenue from the area of to the intersection with Salmar Avenue," Carmichael said in an email. "There was a large volume of the fluid causing the roadway to be extremely slippery and creating unsafe driving conditions in that traffic lane."

Police closed the two affected blocks in order to prevent the spill from spreading, Carmichael said.

The entrance and exist to the Home Depot at Almarida was also closed due to the spill.

The Campbell Public Works Department, along with the Santa Clara County Fire Department, cleaned up the spill Carmichael said.

The source of the spill has yet to be determined.  

The closed roadways were reopened to drivers at 7:30 pm.


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