Is a Skateboarder in the Crosswalk Considered a Pedestrian?

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This week's questions from Campbell Patch readers were answered by Campbell Police Captain Dave Carmichael.

Q: Is a person on a skateboard, in a crosswalk, to be treated as a pedestrian, or a bicyclist, because of the wheels?

Whenever anyone is in a crosswalk, whether they are on foot, a skateboard, or a bicycle, drivers should exercise due care by yielding the right of way.  Just because someone in a crosswalk may be riding a skateboard does not relieve the driver from this responsibility.

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Walt Landers February 05, 2013 at 04:24 PM
Way back in the late 80s, last century, I was gently riding my bicycle through the crosswalk at Hamilton and Winchester. Suddenly, a small white car made a quick right turn into me. I fell of my bike onto my knee. With a heavy 'Hungarian' accent, a balding man yelled at me. "You not spose to be in crrossvalk!" I limped to my feet to 'speak' to the driver, and he hit the gas. I heard that same voice in a Pizza parlor years later....


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