Gas Leak on Union Avenue Slows Traffic, Temporarily Evacuates the Area

Campbell police said gas leak occurred while a private construction crew was doing contract work for AT&T.

A construction crew doing contract work for AT&T hit a gas line this afternoon, causing the temporary closure of the lanes while Pacific Gas and Electric Co. crews worked to fix the leak.

"They were putting a line under Union Avenue and hit a gas line underneath the roadway," said Campbell police Sgt. Gary Berg. "We got the call at 1:45 p.m. The Santa Clara County Fire Department responded, and the hazmat team responded."

Minor evacuations were done in the area of Union Avenue and Apricot Way as precautions, and police closed off the area, Berg said.

When PG&E responded, they were able to dig down to the leak and block it, he said.

Both north and southbound lanes were opened, but the true southbound lanes are closed, Berg said.

Only one house was affected with the gas turned off.


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