Police Confirm Eight Victims in Nanny Molestation Case

Campbell Police, in conjunction with San Jose Police Department Child Exploits Team arrested alleged child molester John Walker March 8.

The arrest and arraignment of the yesterday has left some in the community stunned.

On Campbell Patch's facebook page, the writes:

"There are just no words to say how truly horrible and sad this is. We only hope that the victims and their families can find some peace now that he is in custody. Our hearts go out to all of them." 

Walker was charged with a total of 14 counts of lewd acts with children on March 13.

"The Campbell Police Department investigates other child abuse cases, however, the magnitude and severity of this case is far beyond the normal cases we investigate," Campbell Police Sgt. Gary Berg said. "Unfortunately, due to the complete trust that was given to Mr. Walker and the access to children he had for so many years, he has had countless opportunities to take advantage of the children under his care."

Berg has confirmed that there are currently eight alleged victims known, however, because of the more than 10 years that Walker spent caring for children in the area as well as his time working at childcare centers previous to that police are "concerned that there are other victims that we have not yet identified."

The case began to unfold earlier this month when an alleged victim told their parent about the inappropriate behavior that was taking place while Walker was watching them, Berg said. It was then that the first parent contacted the police department.

According to the release on March 13, "the Campbell Police Department is working closely with the families to assist these young victims during an extremely difficult time. 

"Victim resources have already been set in place and are available to other families who may have been victimized as well."

Walker has his formal arraignment on March 20 at the Santa Clara County Superior Court.

The Campbell Police Department is urging anyone with information or who has knowledge of other potential victims to contact the Campbell Police Department at 408-871-5190.

kay gardner March 16, 2012 at 02:12 AM
patricia July 27, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Similar charges in the past and he was still allowed to walk the streets and no less be able to watch children as an occupation??????????????? Where is the law and how did he escape Trustline? All parents must insist their sitters and Nannys be trustline certified, i.e. California's FBI fingerprinting which picks up all records from all 50 states.


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