Carlsbad Police Enhance Presence for Holiday Shopping Season

The department is looking to deter shopping related crime like, thefts from vehicles, thefts from shoppers, shoplifting and fraud.

The holidays are here and that means more and more shoppers visiting the City of Carlsbad’s malls, outlets and plazas.  With the increase in shoppers, there is an increased risk for holiday shopping related crime.  The City of Carlsbad Police Department is prepared.

During the holiday season Carlsbad Police will be increasing patrol, giving an enhanced presence around Carlsbad’s malls and outlet centers.  

Shoppers can do their part to prevent crime by using some safety tips:


  •          Park carefully and as close to your destination at possible.
  •          Use shuttles and security if you have to travel a distance to your vehicle.
  •          Don’t get overloaded with packages.  You need to see and be able to react.
  •          Consider who might be watching you put packages in the trunk of your vehicle.
  •          Don’t leave valuables, packages or other personal items unattended in vehicles. 
  •          Don’t leave purses and wallets unattended while shopping.
  •          Carry limited cash and only necessary credit cards.
  •          Be aware of who and what is going on around you.
  •          Shop with a friend; there is safety in numbers.
  •          Dress comfortably and consider leaving the expensive jewelry at home.
  •          Plan ahead to ensure your safety.  Shop early and shop safely. 

Working together we can ensure Carlsbad shoppers have a safe and crime-free holiday season. We will see you out there.

–Carlsbad Police Press Release


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