Boogie Arrests Up Since 2012

All the dancing and eating at Campbell's 35th annual Boogie on the Bayou festival wasn't enough to keep all of its participants well-behaved.
According to Campbell Police Capt. Dave Carmichael, there were 21 arrests made on May 18 and 19 that occurred after the festival was officially over but involved festival patrons that decided to stay in the downtown.

These compare to the 16 arrests made in 2012.

The types/numbers of arrests are as follows:
  • (1) Assault with a Deadly Weapon (arrest warrant being sought)
  • (1) Narcotic Arrest
  • (1) Assault on a Police Officer Arrest
  • (1) Misdemeanor Battery Arrest
  • (3) DUI Arrests
  • (12) Drunk in Public Arrests
  • (2) Misdemeanor Warrant Arrests

For 2012 (May 19 and 20) the  16 arrests are as follows:
  • (11)Drunk in Public Arrests
  • (3) DUI Arrests
  • (1) Narcotic Arrest
  • (1) Battery Arrest


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