Bicycles Stolen From Second Street Garage

Campbell couple asks for help in finding their bicycles.

Campbell residents Jason and Stephanie Hester went out for June 1 to enjoy the night and eat dinner at .

The couple had locked up their bicycles at the Second Street Parking Garage before embarking on their night, only to return and find out their bikes had been stolen.

"We both kinda hoped it was a joke," Stephanie Hester said. "We were extremely shocked and dismayed. I was in tears and my husband was livid. We live in Campbell, got married in Campbell, and my husband works in Campbell. We love our community. It was devastating to see something so cruel happen here."

Bike theft, unfortunately is up throughout the Santa Clara County, not just in Campbell, said Campbell Police Capt. Charley Adams.

"Bikes are being stolen from balconies, garages, poles and bike racks," Adams said. "It is a problem all the way around, not just in Campbell."

The best precaution residents could take is investing in a good quality lock and cable, but these are not fail-safe.

"That said, we have had locks cut and bikes stolen," Adams said. "They are pretty prolific right now."

Recovery rate for stolen bicycles i not that high, Adams said. This is mostly due to the fact that victims do not have their bicycles' serial number when filing reports.

"As far as recovery, the best opportunity is have the serial number and model and enter it into the stolen property system," Adams said. "This is the only way to charge people with possession of stolen property. There’s no record of the bicycle until we provide it to the system."

The stolen bikes, an Electra Navy Girl bike and a black Electra Straight 8 bike are more than just a means of transporation for the two.  

The couple rode them on their wedding day at the percolation ponds off of Dell Avenue.

A police report was filed with Campbell Police the same night, but it did nothing to ease what the Hesters were feeling.

"I love living in Campbell, but last Friday night was the first time I didn't feel completely safe and that made me sad," Hester said. "To the community, DO NOT lock up your bikes in the Campbell garage they're not safe there."

As for the bicycle theives that perpetrated the crime, Hester said this.

"There is really nothing I feel I could say to the thieves because I don't think they care," she said.

Lisa Phlegar June 06, 2012 at 03:49 AM
I'm sorry for your loss. Remember though Karma is a B_ _ _ _ Nothing good will happen to whoever stole your bikes. However, that said, it would be great if the city could replace the lockup poles and put in bike lockers (less tempting for the thieves).


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