*Warning Pesticide fogging this Monday, June 2nd*

*Warning Pesticide fogging this Monday, June 2nd*
*Warning Pesticide fogging this Monday, June 2nd*

*Warning Sunnyvale Area Residents! Pesticide fogging this Monday, June 2nd starting at 11:00PM.*

Vector Control already has already fogged the San Jose/Campbell area residents last Thursday, May 22nd and will continue fogging until we stop this!  Other neighborhoods will be next!!

VECTOR CONTROL will be spraying the Sunnyvale area residents on Monday, June 2nd with a toxic pesticide called Zenivex.

Pesticides are NOT safe. They are designed to be toxic and to kill.

The pesticides are also killing off massive colonies of bees, which will lead to environmental catastrophe and food shortages.

What you can do:

Join our Healthy Alternatives to Pesticides group. We will be meeting on Thursday, May 29th.  We are also organizing a protest in the Sunnyvale area soon.  If you are interested in our group and/or be part of the protest, please call 408-687-5958 or email: pesticidefraud@yahoo.com


To demand Vector Control to stop, please directly call Russ Parman at Santa Clara County Vector Control District at (408) 918-4770.


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