Rants: Let's Hear 'Em

You come to Campbell Patch to learn about and share what's going on around town and to comment on our stories about the latest local news. Now we're really giving you the keys.

While many residents and outsiders see Campbell as a family-friendly, charming-downtown-having, nightlife-rich slice of Silicon Valley, that doesn't mean it's utopia.

In the past, , and have all been concerns raised by neighbors and Campbell groups.

But Campbell Patch certainly hasn't covered everything, and now we want to know what we're missing.

What needs fixing in town? If you were king for a day, what would you change? What's got you bothered?

This isn't a fruitless exercise. We'll turn as many Rants into stories that we can, following up with the right people on the questions you want asked or the problems you want solved.

Now put us to work. Rant away!

Bethany Curran April 12, 2012 at 05:16 AM
My biggest complaint is the traffic driving through our neighborhood. On Budd Ave and Virginia Ave the speed limit is 25 and there are many stop signs, both of which most people ignore. My neighbors and I have daily issues with this. People speed past John D. Morgan Park & Virginia Park, blow through stop signs like they don't exist, and don't pay attention to pedestrians at all. Rarely cars will briefly pause and quickly look, but they usually don't come to a full stop or really check for people walking in or near the crosswalks. I have been walking across the crosswalk with my kids and had cars blow through the intersection like we were invisible. (Only after I shout and wave my arms do they even notice me.) Another big problem in the area is drivers on their phones. Every day I see people driving while talking or texting. It's just not worth it people. Please put the phones away while you're driving and pay attention to the world around you.


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