Local Artist launches Kickstarter to fund giant sculpture in Poland

Maki - Community Sculpture
Maki - Community Sculpture
Learn about the project here: http://kck.st/1a81EYA

Local artist and architect, Bill Gould, is seeking to bring community based public art to a neighborhood in Poland. Many Campbell residents are probably unknowingly familiar with some of his architectural work; he designed the Campbell Veterans' Memorial.

Gould has launched an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to construct a large public art piece in Lublin, Poland. He needs $30,000 USD for the final fabrication and installation costs; even the smallest donation helps.  The sculpture, titled Maki (meaning Poppy in Polish), is a 24 foot tall (8 meter high) representation of 5 poppy flowers. “The red poppy is a symbol of hope and solidarity for the Polish people”, Gould explains. Made of steel, blown glass, and hand-made ceramic tiles, Gould hopes to see the piece installed this summer at a small park located within the Czuby Housing District.

To learn more or donate, visit the Maki Kickstarter page: http://kck.st/1a81EYA


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