LETTER: Please Help These Guys Get Back to their Parents

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A resident emailed Campbell Patch asking if we could help, after she had done all she could for a pair of lost pups at Hamann Park April 19.

Here is what she says.

I found the following attached two babies at Hamann Park yesterday (4/19/12).

One appears to maltese mix and the other toy poodle.   Apparently, both had been there since early morning and two of the residents nearby called the Humane Society, which never showed. A neighbor and myself toted them off to the San Jose shelter on Monterey Road. The numbers they gave me for them are 784295 and 784294.  

But I would hope maybe you could post them in the Campbell Patch so that if their owners live and receive the Patch, they might be able to find them. I also posted them on Craigslist.  

They are both so sweet and are best buddies that it broke my heart to take them to the shelter. Since one is male and one is female, they will not room them together... so sad.

--Lisa Phlegar


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