LETTER: Local Geese Provide 'Flyover' During Opening Ceremonies

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Campbell Patch attended the official opening ceremonies of the Campbell Little League on March 17.

The rain held off just long enough for the community to enjoy the event.

We received a letter from one of the coaches, Garey Williams.

As I rolled outta bed this morning (still full from corned beef, cabbage, and green drinks), I reflected on what a memorable day yeaterday was.

Sure, I sang the National Anthem...  And from the positive feedback that I received for the next six hours from parents, players, and other coaches, my shower singing is paying off. The most interesting part of the performance, however, was the wedge of geese which provided a low altitude flyover! 

Three geese formed a small "V" overhead as "the rockets red glare...gave proof through the night...". THEN, as if I were writing a Hollywood script, a fourth fowl seamlessly merged to create an offset V...a missing-man-formation! 

Heck, I almost interrupted the Anthem with, "Look at that!" 

Moments later, the league president, Darryl DeFiore requested a moment of silence for Lisa Campbell, a long-time CLL Umpire-in-Chief, mother and friend who passed away last month after losing a battle with cancer. 

Were the geese symbolizing a tribute?  Hmmmm....   Yes.


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