LETTER: Campbell Veterans Memorial Foundation Asks for Help

It's been a hard road so far and the organization behind the soon-to-be-realized Campbell Veterans Memorial is reaching out to the public.

Campbell Patch received this letter to the editor this Friday afternoon.

The are reaching out the public for financial help to make the construction of the veterans memorial at City Hall a reality.

The construction cost of has come higher than expected and the total cost is about $150,000. The foundation has raised $100,000 thus far but is still short about $50,000.

Here is an excerpt of the letter. The full letter, as received by Patch is attached to the right.

"Whatever your business and interests are please remember this. The American Veteran takes an oath to serve our country unconditionally. Without declaring political association, religious denomination or any other kind of preference, the Veteran puts his or her life on the line to serve America so that we can be free to conduct our affairs and pursue happiness the way that we see fit. Unfortunately, far too many have given their lives an well-being for this cause.

WE NEED YOUR FINANCIAL SUPPORT. The CVMF Foundation has spent over four years of hard work on behalf of our community and for those who have served. If you can help , now is a good time to do it. Thank you for your consideration."


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