Halloween is Campbell's Favorite Holliday

Here's our daily Facebook survey and its results.

The Campbell Patch Facebook page is a place where Campbell residents and business owners share what's going on in the Orchard City, what the daily chitchat is and what they think about places to eat, events to go see and happenings around town.

The idea is simple: Every morning, we ask a question on Facebook, you answer, and then we share the results here.

Every day, we will also provide a link to the latest question for those who would like to participate.

This Morning's Poll question is:

"The holiday season is right around the corner and Campbell pulls out the stops with all the fun events. What's your favorite holiday, Campbell?"

The answer options and the votes were as follows.

ANSWERS # of Votes Halloween 5 Christmas 3 Oktoberfest 1 Thanksgiving 0

Here is this morning's question:

"The tragic fate of Cindy Nguyen this weekend has sparked some conversation both on and offline on safety at large shopping complexes like Valley Fair, Westgate or The Plant. When you go shop, do you:"? 

 Disclaimer: This daily poll is purely for entertainment purposes and is in no way scientific.


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