Guest Blog Post: Kosher Meat Restaurant Debuts in South Bay

Local Los Gatos blogger talks about new Campbell restaurant.

I know you have all been on the edge of your seats waiting for the newest Kosher venue to open and on Tuesday, Sept. 20, it happened.

Jerusalem Grill & Bar opened its doors at 11 a.m. and has a menu that will make meat lovers swoon.

Located at 1740 So. Winchester Blvd., just off Hamilton Avenue in Campbell, the Silicon Valley Jewish crowd has spent the last couple months chomping at the bit waiting for this place to open.

Featuring everything from falafel to lamb chops, its menu is a meat smorgasbord that includes lunch and dinner selections, as well as to-go options and choices for children. It also offers a variety of beer and wine selection with a full bar to follow soon.

The restaurant's website is filled with pictures of their Israeli and Middle Eastern cuisine. Take a look at its menu. It also does catering.

It is a Glatt Kosher restaurant supervised by Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California, a community service organization whose mission is the maintenance of a high level of Kosher quality supervision.

Food review coming soon ... stay tuned!

Amanda Orrin blogs regularly on Los Gatos Patch. Read more of her blogs .

Jason B September 23, 2011 at 02:11 AM
Actually, I'm not on the edge of my seat. No matter how kosher meat is, how it gets on your plate a sad affair. Millions of animals are abused (cows standing in feces and urine for hours a day while their feet and legs get infected, or chicks getting their beaks painfully seared off so they don't peck each other to death, as two examples of hundreds) in order for oblivious humans to satisfy their urge to eat meat. Here's to the animals' suffering. And here's to hoping you help stop their suffering.


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