Psychics Predict 2014: A Gentler Year, More 'Perky,' and Maybe a Volcano Eruption

Last year was a "nose to the grindstone," one psychic says, but 2014 will be "perky."

Drawing by Frank Alan Bella
Drawing by Frank Alan Bella

by Jennifer Ford and Brad Kava
Campbell's most known psychic, Medium Peej, with Expand Your Wings, sees a very good year for Campbell.

She gave Patch a free reading.

"The economy is going to pick up over the last year I feel like this is the time that a lot of positive change is going to happen in 2014.   I work with energy…and I feel like a lot of stuff…intuitively I know, and energetically there is a lot of transition happening right now."

"I feel like its shifting even more into the positive." More of her regular clients are becoming more intuitive and perceptive, even in the last year," she says. "I think a lot of people are coming into their spirituality, so that is a huge thing coming for 2014!"
She even sees housing sales in Campbell going up dramatically, much better in 2014 than 2013.

Worldwide, however, there is a bit of a down side.

"As far as my feeling on the whole war situation I feel like they're dragging their feet. I don’t feel  like its stopping…I feel tightness in my chest…I don’t see an end to it anytime soon…I just feel like it will keep dragging on…I feel like it was really strong, strong, strong, but feel like its going to keep dwindling…maybe in 2015.. but I don't see it coming to an end anytime soon."

She also foresees a tragedy in the world involving water. 

"I feel like something big with rushing water is going to happen…like something breaking…I feel shaky talking about it…I wanna say that it feels like a coast line thing but outside of the U.S.  I feel like the people have darker skin…I'm feeling tightness in my chest and a little shaky…it feels big to me…it was a lot of water coming in from the left to the right…I always tell people if it doesn’t make sense now, it will later.  I see a lot of water rushing from the left to the right…It doesn’t seem like on this continent and the skin is very dark. I never doubt what I see.  I feel like its not the first part of the year but after June sometime."

Over the border, Santa Cruz psychic Michelle Lea (831) 428-2320) gave Campbell a good reading. 

"I feel that Campbell has been dealing with a lot of stress. I also feel that the environment and community changes look very positive for Campbell."

She has a very positive outlook on the world outside Campbell, as well.

The world's economy will improve in 2014, she says. "I don't feel any severe natural disasters. It will be changing in a very positive way. I do feel some minor things in California, such as a minor disaster."

Countries already affected by disasters will be picking up and will be supported by worldwide efforts and charities, she says. 

As for people struggling without jobs: "Tell them that their jobs are going to be OK. People who have been having a hard time with the medical field, like at the hospital, tell them they don't have to be so concerned or worried because there are new and better and positive things coming for them."

Psychic Susie Stevens (831) 479-3758) says that as we leave the pull of Jupiter and enter a phase of Cancer, things will challenge limits. "We have to be judicious," she says. "Cancer can expand the waistline, everything."

Last year was a "nose to the grindstone," she says, but 2014 will be "perky."

"Things are going to start happening. Fearful people are going to take a baby step and then a giant step." A lot of people will create their own jobs, channeling their own creativity, she says. 

"If they were an artist and feel they had to compromise their creative work to maybe doing graphic art for a company when their heart of hearts was really to be self-employed, they are going to go back and find that they kind of combine the solid job that they obtained that they were lucky to find and combine it with the cocreation of doing both things.

"They are starting to make the money that they felt they lost, but the good thing that’s coming up is that people have learned from this painful experience that hitting the bottom was losing everything or having family members that came to live with them. It's more. It's more like a high level vibration spirituality where people got to know their neighbors or who came out who came through for them and who didn’t, so its almost like the recovery process."


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