UPDATE: Tree Limb Leaves Campbell Without Power

A total of 2,427 residents were left without power around 7:46 p.m. April 9.

According to PG&E spokewoman Janna Morris, there were roughly 933 customers still without power as of 10:00 p.m. April 9.

Initially reported as about 2,427 customers at 7:46 p.m., the outage was due to a tree that fell, breaking power equipment including a transistor and insulators, Morris said.

"We don’t have a time of restoration as of yet but crews are out working to restore power to as many customers as we can," she said.

PG&E is advising that there will be work on that section of Union Avenue for the next 5-7 hours, Campbell Police Dispatch said.

The initial outage perimeter included Apricot, Union and So. Bascom avenues as well as Michael Drive and McGlincey Lane, Morris said.

On facebook, readers shared whether or not they were in the dark:

  • Nolan Dempster my tv was being all wierd and kept turning off about an hour ago, but I've still got power in downtown campbell.
  • Gini Wallace All of Union Ave is dark!! Loving the candlelight, though! 
  • John Sotelo many people in Campbell are in the dark... I won't name names!
  • Aimée Grenfell Phew, I guess I was spared... Camden/Bascom. :-)
  • Gini Wallace Lucky, Aimée! :-)
  • Aimée Grenfell Come on by!
  • Barbara Lenci We are good on this side of san tomas expressway
  • Carol Roush Still have light on Bascom.
  • Campbell Patch Nice! Thanks everyone. Good ole' fashioned "fb tree" ... ;) Looks like PG&E has upped the number of reported outages to five, from the initial four.
  • Campbell Patch Anyone have issues with me reposting this thread for the benefit of our non-fb peeps?
  • Barbara Lenci Nope. Where exactly is the tree limb down?
  • Campbell Patch Doesn't say and I haven't heard back from PG&E, though from the map it looks like somewhere near John D. Morgan Park
  • Gini Wallace Union Ave is blocked off to all traffic. The ding dang cops won't even let my husband come home and the cop said it might be quite awhile until the power is back on and he can come home. I'm not very happy right now.
  • Campbell Patch ‎@Gini: I am putting a call in to the PD as well to find out when the street will be reopened. Bear with me
  • Stacy Brooks bascom and dry creek is on :)
  • Gini Wallace Just got a report from the hubs...downed tree and live wires in our driveway. Power out for the next 7-8 hours. Ack!!!!!
  • Nicole Buswell Dixon Out on Apricot Avenue....and the Pruneyard was dark when I drove by
  • Alyssa Kohlrust Scholes Haven't lost power over off Kenneth and Budd :)


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