The Pruneyard and Free Speech

A series of local history trivia, fun facts and odd occurrences.

Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins, 447 U.S. 74 (1980), was a U.S. Supreme Court decision issued on June 9, 1980 which arose out of a free speech dispute between the Pruneyard Shopping Center in Campbell, California, and several local high school students (who wished to solicit signatures for a petition against United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379).[1] In American constitutional law, this case is famous for its role in establishing two important rules:

  • Under the California Constitution, individuals may peacefully exercise their right to free speech in parts of private shopping centers regularly held open to the public, subject to reasonable regulations adopted by the shopping centers.
  • Under the U.S. Constitution, states can provide their citizens with broader rights in their constitutions than under the federal Constitution, so long as those rights do not infringe on any federal constitutional rights.

The city of Campbell wil be celebrating Campbell's 60th anniversary on March 28, 10:30 a.m. with a small reception at City Hall in front of the glass cabinets outside of council chambers.

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