Standing Water Along San Tomas Expressway

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This week's question comes from a Facebook reader and was answered by Santa Clara Valley Water District Spokesman Marty Grimes.


Hey Campbell Patch, not that this would be investigative reporting but why is there "standing" water in the creek behind the homes on Bucknam Avenue at Viginia Avenue?

With the threat of mosquitoes and West Nile virus, plus the possibility we may get rain this winter and if that creek can't handle the water?? It would be great if you could look into this situation. Thanks!!


The reader is referring to part of Page Ditch. We typically release water into the ditch in the spring and summer months to help recharge water into the groundwater basin. In the late fall and winter, we typically stop flow to the channel so that it can be used for storm drain run off.

We coordinate with Santa Clara County Vector Control to monitor and treat this area for mosquitoes. If the reader does notice a mosquito problem, he can contact Vector Control at (800) 675-1155 or submit a request for service online.

Just as an interesting aside, Page Ditch has a long history. George W. Page came to Santa Clara County in 1889 and developed two ditches on the west side of Los Gatos Creek, which became important for irrigation of vast acreages in the Campbell area. Today, it’s an important part of our countywide groundwater recharge system, which provides almost half of the water used in the county each year.

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Keith Klafter July 26, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Thanks Patch, seems I have my answer and some Campbell history !!


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