PHOTO: Washing the Sky? Dangerous Job

The windows on the Pruneyard Tower get squeaky clean.

Window washers hover various stories above the floor of the Pruneyard Tower late Tuesday morning.

The two men, tethered to the basket that was hanging parallel to the building's many windows look down on me as I snapped my shots.

I had just watched an episode of Dirty Jobs the night before where host Mike Rowe washed the windows of a high rise in Hawaii.

Rowe said in the episode that 17 window washers die on the job every year. The number stuck in my mind as I watched from the parking lot at as these two men made quick work of the dozens of windows reflecting the clouds.

Mayra Flores de Marcotte April 25, 2012 at 03:49 PM
Watching these guys lower themselves, one floor at a time made my stomach tighten and I wasn't even off the ground! I guess those windows won't clean themselves!


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