HISTORY: Meet the Mortons

A sepia-toned image depicting the Morton brothers, the first Mayor of Campbell and an engineer at Hewlett/Packard.

This week's history photo depicts a local family in front of their home.

Richard and Wilbur Morton stand in front of house at 840 Campbell Ave. The text under photo reads:

"Richard and Wibur Morton stand in front of their grandma Bertha's residence next door to their own home in this late 1920s photo. Richard later became the first mayor of Campbell and Wilbur an engineer with a career at Hewlett/Packard in Palo Alto.

Their parents were Harold and Gladys Morton, with Gladys being a dexcendant of one of San Jose's founding families; the Hellyer's. Harold owned the Campbell Lumber Company and when built, both homes drew much attention, especially the tiled bath floors, muraled bath, and teak woodwork. 

Richard passed away in the mid 1970's after a noteworthy political and legal career, and Wilbur resides with his wife Jean Pell Morton in Palo Alto where he writes music, poetry, and prose while Jean is a professional artist and art teacher."


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