From Campbell to San Francisco ...

This week's history photo shows a scene that may reappear in the near future with the BART extension into Silicon Valley.

This week's history photos showcases something that changed and still changes the landscapes in Campbell and beyond.

This black and white photographic print is of the first railroad depot in Campbell, built in 1886 by the South Pacific Coast Railroad. The image shows the Campbell Depot with two women and one man standing in front near the tracks and is dated between 1900 and 1905.

The women are wearing the typical wasp-waist dresses and hats of the period.  Next to the depot is a train engine and car with the South Pacific Coast Sunset Route Logo painted on the side of the car, the back part of the engine is just visible in the rear of the photo. 

The Sign on the train depot reads "Campbell to San Francisco.  50 9/10 Miles."  Apparently this also included a ferry ride from Alameda. The engine is identified as either No. 20 or 21.

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