Construction on Winchester Coming to an End

Drivers will get a break from construction on Winchester Boulevard at Campbell Avenue when crews finish up Friday, July 13.

Drivers will get some relief this week with the tentative completion of construction on Winchester Boulevard at Campbell Avenue.

The Campbell City Council approved the construction, as part of the  in 2009 and construction began in September 2011. Construction was scheduled for completion in March but due to a lag in receiving the decorative streetlamps construction is now tentatively scheduled for completion by the end of the month. The total cost of construction was approximately $980,000.

The goal of this plan, according to city documents is to transform this major artery into a "vibrant, mixed-use pedestrian-oriented street" as well as to "enhance the visual and physical connection between the  and downtown Campbell."

A "high visibility crosswalk" was part of the overall look to the new boulevard, said Campbell Senior Civic Engineer Fred Ho.

The work at Campbell Avenue and Winchester Boulevard is one of two intersections identified as such, the other being Civic Center Drive and Winchester Boulevard or "the loop."

"This work is very labor-intensive, " Ho said. "It requires careful heating of pavement before they apply the material, then the stamping."

This decorative crosswalk is the last of the decorative features along Winchester Boulevard and cost an estimated $48,000 for both intersections, Ho said.

Along with the crosswalks, Winchester also received:

  • ADA-compliant ramps
  • Widened sidewalks
  • Brand new center island with decorative landscaping across from
  • 24 Decorative Streetlamps, costing a total of $194,000

 The style for the lamps was something that staff wanted to make sure not only echoed the city's agricultural background but also reflected its downtown.

"We have decorative lamps in the downtown but those are green," Ho said. "These area different color but still reflect the characteristics and heritage of the city."



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